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2x Subtronic mini strobe

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I'm selling two units of Subtronic Mini Strobe TTL,

they are equipped with the optional High Power 3w led pilot light.


These strobes are warmer than Inon, sea&sea or Ikelite and

is not neccesary to use filters to get nicer and deeper blues.


The strobes also are very very fast and works very well with

TTL-converters (not included), are the only ones that work with d-100

these is important that you assure the strobes work with the newer


Strobe Speed database




160x73mm (diameter), weight: 0,8kg



I buy these units in 02/2006 and remains 4 months of guarantee, they are

in very good shape (about 40 dives) , and included a neoprene cover, 2 fast-chargers and

2 nikonos cords.


Their price (new) are 815 eur each.

I'm asking 1200 eur for the 2 strobes.

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