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Subal ND-20 (D-200 housing) + ports

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I'm selling a Subal ND-20 housing for Nikon D-200,

also I have on sale a 60mm port and SW-Domeport.


The housing includes the amazing GS-180 viewfinder,

that is very usefull beacuse you see ALL the frame bigger.

The standard viewfinder don't show the entire image.

(you need to move the head)



The housing also includes a TTL-converter (Heinrichs Weikamp)

and one aditional PC-sync socket to fire strobes in manual mode.

It cost to me 4000 euros in 06/2006. Has approximately 50 dives.

Asking price: 2700 eur


Housing + 60mm port + dome + 1 ulcs arm: 3200 eur


Housing + Nikon D200 + Nikkor 10,5: 3800 eur


Also I have on sale 2 subtronic mini strobes (1200 eur 2 units)

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Hi -


I am interested in the housing only but have some ??'s. I'm in the US. What is 2800 Euro's in USD's (roughly)? I leave on a trip next week and would like the housing before then - do you think that's possible?

I've never shipped anything overseas....

Please reply to






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