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Canon 40D lens Options

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A consideration - r.e. a decision between the 60 and 100 mm macro lenses, I think it depends where you are doing most of your shooting. I like my 60 locally because of the close minimum focal distance in local murky water. That said, I think the 100 mm is a more versatile lens overall it does give you a longer initial minimum focal distance than the 60 which works in clearer water with skittish beasts - to increase magnification with retained autofocus, you can add a teleconverter, or you can add various dry (or wet) diopters - and the latter will reduce your focal distance, as well (I have been using my 100 and a +3 dry diopter a lot more than my 60 mm lens recently). Furthermore, if you think there is a chance you might go to a full-frame Canon camera ever, the 100 will be useable, where as the 60 EF-S lens will not. YMMV.


For wide angle, Tokina 10-17 is my fave.

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