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Does shark feeding alter behavior?

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DO NO HARM! It isn't that hard to live up to that philosophy. Next one is BE MINDFUL AND DON'T TOUCH anything (but sand). I can understand scientific studies luring animals/ sharks with bate for the purpose of study, but recreational? We have no God-given rights or reasons and yet we take man-given liberties. In the name of entertaining ourselves... shameful.


I'm with Drew on strobes too. Flash that mega-strobe in your own face a few times then decide if natural light isn't better, not for your composition, but for Nature's sake. Better yet, let someone else strobe when you're not expecting it as I figure the fish don't expect to have their eyes blown out.


Protect + Preserve, Do no harm,


i'm nearly not posting this for fear of shooting myself in the foot, but do you think a group of subsistence living longliners are going to look at you going diving and not touching/flashing/baiting anything at all and think to themselves "oh man i got it all wrong...i shouldn't be out on this rusty unseaworthy boat 24 hrs a day trying to feed my family, i should just just give it all up, live in a grass hut on the beach and live off bananas for the rest of my life, yeah peace and love dude"


baiting situations happen because of peoples desire to dive with sharks and learn from that experience. i doubt very much if you would meet one single person who has dived in a baited environment and come out of the water with a negative view of sharks. they become ambassadors for the sharks wellbeing.


i'm still of the opinion that we should be talking about baiting in the context of what would happen to those sharks if it didn't happen. would there still be a healthy population of great whites if there was not a group of people making a lot of money doing shark viewing tours?


i really find this holier than thou attitude to diving quite destructive and unrealistic. oh and when was the last time you saw a person have his eyes burn't out by having his/her portrait taken?

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Have you all seen the movie sharkwater? A very good film, in my opinion. One that ought to be purchased, viewed and then given to a friend of family member to watch. Public awareness is important. Honestly, the oceans are dying, and feeding a few hundred sharks on a regular basis is not going to endanger them any more (provided the images are not the consistently the "shark on attack", giving them bad p.r.) Sharks eat, what, once every 7 or 8 days? They are not eating machines. They happen to have extraordinarily efficient digestive systems.


But I digress. The problem is FINNING. Not, feeding. Ask any shark, and it will tell you, "I prefer to be fed than finned." Long line fishing is also the problem. Ask any shark, and it will tell you, "Please, take out the miles of long lines and I'll be happy."


As consumers of seafood, we are all part of the problem. So long as we make it profitable to destroy our oceans, they will be destroyed. Educate yourself, eat fish that is caught responsibly or is farmed. Or, if you do not wish to be bothered, give up eating seafood entirely.


In my opinion, whether to feed the shark or not is simply irrelevant. There will be no more sharks left to feed, or not, in the lifetime of our children or grandchildren.

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