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Multiple Housings info?

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Hi everyone! Excuse me for being ignorant and having a hard time navigating, but does the forum or wetpixel offer a listing of all the housing manufacturers' websites for information?


Subal, Nexus, Sea & Sea, Aquatica, Ikelite, etc? I know of some of them, but a listing would be helpful and I've just had difficulty finding it.


In addition, I hope they list depth ratings of the housings as well. I love those silhouette shots from below and am a bit of a deep freak (shh don't tell and don't rip please) - I'm sure u/w photo will be cleaning up my act and keeping me more in the 'light zone'. :D Just want to know where NOT to take the housings to?


Whatever help you can provide, I would be very greatful!

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