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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE you post in the video forum

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Welcome to Wetpixel Video Forums.


As the community grows, more and more members have eagerly gotten the video bug and want more information on equipment and technique which is why these forums are here for. Here are a few simple suggestions for those who want information about a certain product or choice of equipment or technique:

  1. Use the SEARCH function: Often a lot of the topics you want to know about is already available in the subforum archives somewhere. By not using the search function, you lose out on valuable insights as the many professional posters here simply do not want to keep repeating the same information every time somebody asks the same question over and over again. Obviously it entails some work but research allows you to understand videography more and thus allows you to finetune your questions and add to your overall knowledge.
  2. Please do not PM/Email the moderators with question on equipment choice. For the benefit of others with the same/similar questions, posting them in the forum is the best way to get the most point of views. The moderators will also add their opinions to any thread they see but understand we are not here 24/7 and may miss a question or two from time to time.
  3. If you are a manufacturer/retailer, please note that while we obviously would love to have insight into design and industry, Wetpixel forums are not here for the promotion of your products. It's a very fine line and we appreciate any input you can give as a fellow videographer in the know.
  4. If you have a question, please give as much information as you can (such as camera settings, type etc). It is difficult to diagnose "my video is bad, please help!" questions. without detailed information. The more detailed your question, the faster the answers can be found.
  5. Please do not embed pictures or videos of copyrights you do not own or know to be in public domain. If in doubt, post a link. This protects Wetpixel from incurring the wrath of copyright owners worldwide.

Most importantly, have fun in our forums and hopefully you will become part of our growing community of moving picture shooters.

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