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Go to Wakatobi at 2007 Prices!

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We previously announced there was an opening for a single female. However, that opening is NOW AVAILABLE FOR A COUPLE!


The price for 10 days at Wakatobi is currently advertised on their web site for between $3,080 and $4,280 depending on your lodging option. Because this trip was arranged in 2007, the price will be considerably less for you. It will be approximately $2,600. The group discount is being shared and no one person profits from it.


This trip will depart Bali on 9/29/08 and is for 10 days. It's with a fun group of underwater photographers. At least one person who posts here on Wetpixel has been offered the spots and would join the group except for prior commitments.


I'll be happy to answer any inquires you have.


I hope you can join us!



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