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Defective Olympus Housing?

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I have the same housing and I have noticed the following:

I have the same warped lip at the top of the door. The gap when it's closed looks to be about half yours, certainly not wide enough to put a coin in. So far I've done 62 dives with this housing and I've never had any leaks or moisture inside it. I've removed the orings about 10-15 times, at a guess. But I am very particular about cleanliness while I do it.

The one thing I did notice different with yours is, when it is closed the door is pulled up hard against the housing and it appears the housing and door are pulling against each other. When I pull the clips closed on mine, I can actually squeeze it with my hands and make it pull tighter. The door and housing are actually not touching where the latches are. I wonder if that is forcing the top of your housing to buckle outwards? If you have no orings and don't clip the door, is the gap the same or less? But I've looked at mine while underwater and it's tight the whole way around. All I can conclude is there is a fair bit of variation from one to the next which is unacceptable in any manufacturing process. I hope ASD's aquaintance in Olympus marketing has some feedback on this matter.


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I had done about 60 dives with no problems , then one day i noticed a few drops in the housing whilst diving

i went up immediately.


i cleaned everything and then had a dive with just the housing , and all was fine

next dive put the camera in and when i got down i noticed water was coming in so went to the surface holding it trying not to get camera wet , when i got to the surface i had about an inch of water in the port.


i tried the same procedure fine without the camera but not with it

i put it down to the shutter button or menu button letting in water as i was using it with the camera in

and not when the camera wasn't


so my housing has been sent back to olympus , so i don't know if it's the same problems that you are talking about


i will say one thing the E410 seems pretty rugged , the first month of diving somebody wanted to connect to their laptop and i got a belt from the lead which made me throw the camera across a hard tiled floor bits

going flying , i thought that's it it's dead , but it was fine after putting it together

and then after the flooding it got a bit wet , even in the battery part , but i put it in the sun and left it a couple of days and its still fine to this day


shame the housing doesn't seem so rugged



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I am a recently new owner (bought in January 2008) of a E-410 / PT-E03 housing, and after reading this post I am quite scare of using it in the water.


I have only so far done 3 dives, 1st dive just with the housing, and 2 more dives with the camera inside. I did not notice any water inside the housing at all.

As I read the full manual, I realize I had to take out the eyepiece and the knot belts infront.


However since I have only done 3 dives, and after reading what is going on with the upper seal of the camera, I have looked at mine, and yes there is a gap in which I can fit a credit card.

I assume, as someone has mentioned before, that due to the pressure, this gap will narrow the deeper you go, however in the first meters of the dive, is where problems can occur.


I am definetly going to talk with my dealer in Spain, and ask him to request an explanation to Olympus, and how we can solve it.

If possible, I would try to replace the PT03 with the PT05 and upgrade to the E520, I rather spend the upgrade money paying the difference in housing, and buying a new OLY E520, than regreat it in the future and having to throw the PT03 and the 410 to the trashcan.



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