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Awkward introduction post

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Hi all,

Joined a few weeks back looking for advice on the system I had already chosen to buy. Looks like I'll be happy with it as soon as I get enough time to try it out actually under the water. Might be somewhat shy about posting any pics I do get as all my diving is in UK waters so no bright coloured corals & gin clear water, maybe shore crabs and ballan wrasse look exotic to tropical divers? I mainly want a system for recording marine life for later identification without having to take specimens so I imagine the shots won't look that great anyhow.

Diving wise I've been diving for 14 years now (I started fairly young), mostly in UK waters though some in the Med, Florida Keys and South Africa (Cage diving before it really took off). My wife started u/w photography about 4 years ago (Ike housed D70) but I've never fancied a bulky SLR system and didn't feel compacts were flexible enough for our often murky waters.

Dive Safe


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Hi and welcome,


Don't you get some great vis in Ireland ?


Do try not to be too shy about posting pics from our cold waters - they are in fact unusual because of their scarcity.




Paul C

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hi tdd

welcome , i hope you enjoy wetpixel there is heaps of good information in these pages, for a start why not post what your rig is andwhat the diving is like at your local sites.

i also dive temprate waters of Australia, cold water has its own challanges but i love our prolific sponge gardens and rocky reefs.



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