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After a new camera - some questions

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Hey guys,


I began UWP about a year ago when I bought a 2ed hand Canon Powershot A85 and WP-DC30 housing off another freediver. Since then, I've been learning from books and just mucking around so I don't know too much about the gear side of things. The camera is beginning to show its age and won't last too much longer so, I'm in the market for a new camera and housing.


I've been doing a bit of research myself from backpost and the net but don't really know where to look. I thought if I posted up what I want from the camera I could get some suggestions from you guys in the know!


I'm looking at spending $1500 to $2000 (camera and housing) on something which is easy to use and handle while freediving. I'm keen to take some more video which is nice and clear on my computer screen as well as the obvious stills pics and macro. The thing that annoys me about my current camera is that it hasn't got zoom worth using, so something with good zoom would be nice.


What are the main differences between point and shoot camera and DSLR cameras?

Will I need strobes or does the camera become too bulky when freediving?

Do you need a lighting source when taking video or does the shallow water reduce the need for artifical light?


I've been suggested a G9 from another freediver. It looks pretty good. Any opinions?


Thanks guys, any help or suggestions are really appreciated. I'll get down to the library and do a bit of reading too.



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I've been suggested a G9 from another freediver. It looks pretty good. Any opinions?


Hi Higgo,


I have used the Canon G7, which is the predecessor of the G9, along with the standard Canon housing that comes with it. It is a good intro/armature setup hence it is easy to use. However, the internal flash does not work well hence the housings does affect badly. For distance shots it is ok. However, for close-ups the flash casts shadow of the lens hence it sets behind it. When used with the flash diffuser, the lighting is not good enough. I have never used it with an external strobe. I believe it will be worth the try.


Re. the camera itself, the quality of the images were really good on land and I would say it sets between the point & shoot and the more intro range of DSLRs cameras.


I hope you find this helpful. I am trying to sort a DSLR setup for me. I am an a mature UW photographer and a casual diver. I hope I do not over spend ,which I usually do, for the purpose of a casual hobby.





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The Canon G9 is an awesome camera. I'm just getting into the underwater aspect with it and love it. Small, light, and full of features. Massive LCD screen makes it easy to set up and review shots underwater.


The Canon housing works well. You can access the continuous button directly, but there is a way to do without scrolling the wheel so everything is therefore accessible.


You can get a G9 and Canon housing for around $800 or get the Ikelite housing and camera for a little over $1000. I got the Canon housing but will be moving up to the Ikelite soon.


Get your hands on one and play around a little.


SLRs are probably going to be too big when freediving.


Depends where you dive really. Blue, clear water, you should do ok with the whitebalance and maybe a filter. As far as video, I've never have a problem with light.

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If you are looking to sell the Canon OEM housing, I am interested if the price is right. I will not need the camera.

I want to test modifying the housing before I try it on my G9 housing. Not trying to push you into a sale, just letting you my interest.


I am loving the G9 for land use, only pool testing so far in water. I am too far from an ocean but will dive with the G9 in Feb.

I have used Canon cameras and the canon housings for quite some yrs and find them easy to use. Once you learn one, the others follow similar button use to a great degree making easy transitions to other cameras.


The underwater balance available on canon cameras seems to do well at depths of under 25 ft for color in mid-day.

I believe the G10 just came out so you can either jump to the new or see if some G9 owners cannot stand being without the newest and sell the used G9.


I would expect the DSLR housing to be too bulky for freediving. I bought one a few yrs ago, found it too bulky for me when diving and sold it after one trip.


I am a scuba diver, not free diver, so not certain if a strobe is worth it for you. I use one and need it for most pics. I have taken some nice pics in shallow water without the strobe using the underwater setting on the camera. If your diving is in mid-day with sunshine, I suspect you can get by without a strobe.


You might consider trying a Magic Filter. Do a search on them on this site. The cost is low and the benefit seems worth it. I plan to try one but have not yet.

You can use Lightroom or Aperature programs for changing color balance. I use lightroom and find it easy to learn. Costs less than a strobe and never floods. For freediving pics, that might work out well.



Hope that is of some help.


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