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Sea & Sea YS25DX or Epoque or ?

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I would like to get some information about the Sea & Sea YS25DX strobe.

Is there anyone out there who has some experience with it.

I'm really interrested in how much better bigger and more expensive strobes (Ikelite 125, YS-90 DX ) are.

Ok, they are stronger, but do i really need that much light in most situations or could the YS25 do the job too.

I currently own the Canon S30 and I'm planning a loger tripp to SE Asia (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,...).

As I'm backpacking I only have limited space and therefore I can't carry around huge strobes and all this stuff.

Also the price does mather. That's why I hope that the YS25 will fit my needs, and therefore I would really like to hear some other oppinions.


Anyone used the Epoque ES 150DS strobe or any other small and not too expensive strobe that would fit my needs.


Thanks in advance :)



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I'm interested in a review too !


I used to use the YS40 with my old MX10, the YS25 seems to have even less power (YS40 GN 22/72 (land), YS25 GN 15/49 (land).

I doubt that you can use it for wa shots, but it should be ok from macro to 1,5m distance.


Maybe a video light that can be used as dive light too is an alternative (Sea & Sea LX25)




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I've used the Epoque ES150DS strobe when I first started getting into Underwater digital photography.The epoque is an okay strobe to begin with but it is not as powerful, not as wide and it has less power level setting than the YS25DX. The Epoque ES150DS is also prone for flooding. The weakest point of the Epoque is the battery cap cover where most of the flooding occur because of the o-ring. I think it has to do with the size of the o-ring in the battery compartment. Also, the Epoque sometimes misfires specially if you are shooting on an angle facing the surface of the water. I think the reason why the Epoque is misfiring is becasue the sensor on the strobe is detecting the light from the surface instead of the light coming from the onboard flash. The use of fiber optic cable is a must for the Epoque ES150DS to correctly synchronize ti with your onboard flash.






Here's a picture of the macro setup for the PT-010 Camedia Housing using dual YS25DX with fiber optic, INON clamps, INON direct ball mount, strobe adapter, INON Port Arm and Fisheye W tray. You can also use the YS90DX strobe for this setup but you'll probably need a longer strobe adapter or a XXS strobe arm like ULCS or INON. I am not sure if this macro setup will really give good results or will it produce a lot of backscatter because of the postion of the strobes? I still have to test this setup underwater but I have been doing some topside testing and so far, both strobes are firing. I will post the result when I get back from my trip.







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