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Ikonoskop A-Cam dII - a new RAW HD camera

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More updates - this thing is looking more and more sexy!


http://www.freshdv.com/category/news ........ scroll down to the second video clip. This is a very interesting interview from NAB 2010


this one is a bit older i think but i've not seen it before - still interesting even if a bit older. ....http://www.macvideo.tv/camera-technology/features/index.cfm?articleid=104645


The single biggest thing to me for a raw recording device is the size. I want small. Capturing raw uncompressed footage in such a small unobtrusive form factor opens up lots of possibilities. Housing it will be a problem of course. Who would make a housing for it? Still there is a lot more to making a film then just underwater and even if we only used this cam above water for all the lead in/out of dive sites etc .....makes life easy to not have to lug a huge cam around getting all the atmosphere shots etc. Well what do i know....but thats my thinking on it anyway.



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