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Click here to see a frame grab from my new HD camcorder. I'd include it inline but the resolution's too great! Bet you weren't planning to hear that about a camcorder any time soon! This shot is macro and uses a Canon 500D diopter to achieve a full frame height of only 1 inch at 9 inches working distance. That's effectively equivalent to 1:1 for 35mm.


The camera has some notable weaknesses: low-light performance, lack of full manual control, no ND filter, no zebra pattern. It also has some packaging and control issues. When you compare it to it's potential underwater competition, the TRV-950, VX-2000, XL-1, and the broadcast counterparts, though, this camera is extremely compelling! Given enough light, the JVC walks away in the quality contest. That's what 1MP at 30 frames progressive will do to NTSC. Seriously, this camera is a bigger improvement over the VX2K than the VX1K was over the VX-3.


You may have heard that this camera is uninteresting: 1CCD, 30p instead of 60p, and datarate limited to DV tape, but this camera doesn't compete with the big megabuck Sony's. It's VX2K-priced. Now I have to convince Gates to do a housing and figure out how to edit the footage. I also have to buy an HDTV display (or two). Sucks to be me.


Already can load and edit in Premiere and Vegas Video. Don't know how to output yet. DVD would be a major step down!

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