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Canon A640, Ikelite Housing, Double Arm Tray, arm parts

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Canon A-640 Camera, 2 sets of 2700ma nimh batteries, 2gb Sandisk SD memory card, Ikelite Housing, extra o-ring for housing (unused).


Camera has been used exclusivly in the housing, so no dust/dirt etc, probably 2500-3000 photo's taken total. In near mint condition. Includes manuals, orig box etc.


Housing is 2 years old, minor scratches on sides & back, front port is not scratched in any way. extra o-ring for housing included. Flash difuser blocking plates both included.


large photos at http://www.malone-az.com/for-sale/a640-housing/


$525 obo incl shipping/insurance (to US address) (USPS Priority)




Ikelite double arm base tray, with custom top bar, and video base, and quick relase for base.


top bar is from a DSLR setup, then cut down to fit the double arm base tray.


Large photos at http://www.malone-az.com/for-sale/double%20tray/




Ikelite Part Numbers





70.00 obo incl shipping/insurance (to US address) (USPS Priority)




Ikelite 1.25" strobe arms, and various clamps, & Parts


prices are 1/2 of what they sell for on B&H, if you find a lower NEW price, let me know & I'll sell the part for 1/2 that.


Qty . Ike Part No . Description ............ Price (each)

2 .... 9577.42 ..... for DS-200, Ai, 100A ... $10

7 .... 9577.2 ...... clamp for 1.25" arms ..... $18

3 .... 9577.3 ...... mounting stem (short) ... $10

4 .... 9577.1 ...... Ball at tray 1.25" ........... $10

4 .... 0468.06 ..... ball arm - 6" long .......... $18


Large photo at http://www.malone-az.com/for-sale/arm-parts/


prices do not include shipping/insurance, willing to deal on for multiple items.

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