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WA conversion lens fogging

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I've seen the threads on housing/lens port fogging issues and have been able to keep that very well controled.


I have a Sea&Sea lens made for the PT-009 housing I got from the S&S closeout page a few months back and am using it on the Fantasea housing from my Coolpix P4.


The other day while I was diving at Punta de Tralca (central Chile) my WA conversion lens started fogging. I'm sure it was the lens becasue when I noticed the fogging on the screen, I turned the camera around and could see the silver dollar sized disk of haze on the inside of the lens. I removed the lens and the housing's lens port was fine.


Obviously I can't toss any silica gel packets in it, and don't know of anything that I could apply to the outside of the lens that would keep it from fogging on the inside. Anybody have any ideas? Also while I was in the water, the outer most rubber ring was loose, as though I would be able to screw it off (so I just tightened it back down). Should I try to unscrew it in a nice dry area (like a walk in fridge) and see if I can purge any humidity from inside the lens?

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