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Hello from Port Coquitlam, BC

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Hi Folks,


I've been a lurker for a while and after getting a little recent experience with underwater photography I thought I'd like to participate.


I got certified in 1978 and mostly dove wrecks in the Great Lakes (Ontario) until 1984 when I did a stint in Grand Cayman as a dive Instructor (NAUI). Then, back in Ontario continued wreck diving until I moved to Vancouver to start my career as an Aquarium Biologist (now a Curator - spending much more time than I'd like pushing paper instead of getting wet) in 1990. Shortly after moving to Vancouver I went back for a week-long technical dive trip to the "Empress of Ireland" in the St. Lawrence River at Rimouski - quite a wreck diving career topper if there is such a thing. I dove for work (collecting specimens) for a few years than got offered a position in the Tropical section. I slowly gave up the cold water and now only dive in the warm stuff - too much Ontario ice diving has finally gotten to me (my hands are never warm in cold water anymore).


As for u/w photography, my friend and mentor Guy Pelland got me started in Grand Cayman with a Nikonos, but it didn't stick when I left Cayman. Now, some years later and as an avid and published aquarium fish shooter, I have an Ikelite housing for my Canon 30D and spend most of my time trying to work out the next trip - Bonaire in April '09 if the creek don't rise!


I've learned a ton on this site for the past year and look forward to learning more and hopefully, being able to contribute from time to time.


Thanks Folks!


Lee Newman

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welcome Lee, good to see another Lower Mainlander here..


Guess you have quite some time to post now with that nasty weather out there :lol:

Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

Do you work at the Vancouver Aquarium? Can i dive with the Belugas if i ever make it home? :):)

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for the welcome. I understand there's a few of us here. I hate to admit it, but yes, the weather does have its advantages! Thanks for the encouragement to post some images - although given the quality of work that get's posted here, maybe I need to practice more... a lot more, before I do. Regardless, I'll post because I'll learn from any feedback!


Guilty as charged - I've been at the Aquarium for almost 19 years. Belugas? The sharks would be an almost no-brainer, but with the Belugas I may have to call in a favour or two! Give me a little notice when you're going to be in town again and I'll see what I can do! Heck, if we're going to meet, I really should be coming there... you know, for some high-level reef research...


Thanks again for the welcome.



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