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Dear fellow videomakers,



just want to start a thread in the following topic:


based and inspired on the positive comments and reactions I got to my first video editing tutorial, I decided to create a new tutorial on editing in 2009. (Planned release date in the 2Q of 2009).


Since I am now in the pre-production phase, I thought I will ask the community which topic should I incorporate? Which part of the editing process casued you headaches when you started, which part is essential according to your opinion, experience.


The tutorial will focus on the editing process (everything after shooting - After Dive Tutorial :cry: , and it will not focus on a particular application (although I will demonstrate techniques mainly using Final Cut Pro, but will make excursions to Premier and possibly Windows-based apps, like Pinnacle studio).


My aim is to create a video tutorial which help you to start working after you came back from diving, you have plenty of tapes (or memory cards, or files on you disk) but you are sitting before your computer, the timeline is empty and you are in trouble: where, how should I start?


Important approach: I try not to show just some of the techinques (eg: you should cut here or there using this tool), but to give an explanation: why should you do this or that...


The tutorial will have a special structure in order to help people with no experience and help people with some experience in the field (so a beginner and intermediate level). The tutorial will be made in English, French, German and Hungarian language versions and 1280x800 px resolution. A professional editor from the film industry will supervise the whole stuff.



Preliminary draft content:



Organizing (media management)

Reviewing footage (evaluating - A-roll, B-roll, cutaways, taking into consideration the basic types of shots (so not only underwater))

Prepare for edit (subclips, naming, extra logging - in connection wth the organizing part)

Timelines and codecs - rendering

The editing process

-- some theory (theory of montage etc)

-- different types, requirements

---- documentary

---- music

---- action

-- editing techniques

---- tools which are provided for the non-linear editing (split, cut, roll etc)

-- workflow

---- rough cut

---- fine tuning

-- basic effects

-- keying (in connection with effects)

-- basic color corrections

-- basic music editing - working with original music, cleaning audio, setting levels etc.)

Preparation for output

-- widescreen mattes, broadcast safe filters etc.

-- output to tape

-- output for internet

-- output for on-line systems



I would appreciate you comments, suggestions which topic would be necessary...


Best for 2009,


Edited by Jules (Helioxfilm)

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I'm looking forward to seeing it. I need all the help I can get.



Well, than write me your wildest editing dreams, we try to accomodate them...

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Colour correction tips and techniques in post. :cry: I have to use auto white balance

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It would be good to know which editing softwares are you using? I mean the most popular types: Final Cut Express and Pro, Edius, iMovie etc.

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While I use After Effects for rotoscoping, and don't own or use Shake, I would love a tutorial on rotoscoping in FC Studio or Motion...if it is possible.

Happy New Year


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