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Two-day Photography Expedition to Five Fathom Pinnacle/Kaula Rock/Niihau/Lehua Rock, Hawaii

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Announcing a two-day photography expedition to Five Fathom Pinnacle/Kaula Rock/Niihau/Lehua Rock!


Five Fathom Pinnacle is a submerged pinnacle some forty plus miles west of Kauai, three miles offshore of the tiny islet called Kaula Rock. Exposed to currents and the open ocean, it is not a dive site for beginners. It takes an arduous boat ride to get there, by any one's definition.


Nevertheless, for the few people that have descended into the waters around the Pinnacle, the rewards of diving it have always been worth the journey. Monk seals, sharks, massive schools of fish, and…more sharks. The last time this diver visited the Pinnacle on Mother's Day of 2007, he encountered a half dozen monk seals, throngs of grey reef sharks, and even a few hammerheads. Not to mention a pair of courting humpback whales.


In fact, the predator dominated underwater environment found at Five Fathom Pinnacle has much to do with its distance from civilization. Only "underfished" environments with large prey turnover will ever have predators dominating the biomass pyramid. Five Fathom Pinnacle is such a place.


"Without a doubt, this was the best dive in Hawaii."


Early in the morning on Saturday, 23 May 2009 (Memorial Day weekend), the 35' dive vessel Kealii O Ke Kai will voyage from Poipu, Kauai to Five Fathom Pinnacle with five underwater photographers and two crew. The itinerary includes a full day of diving on Five Fathom Pinnacle after which the Kealii O Ke Kai will moor overnight somewhere in the lee of Niihau. Sunday, 24 May will include a day of diving near Kaula Rock, Lehua Rock or Niihau Island, depending on where conditions dictate the best diving, and the boat will return to Poipu, Kauai late in the evening on Sunday. Note that the Kealii O Ke Kai offers plenty of space for five divers, but the overnight accommodations are sparse, akin to camping.


This trip is photography and marine biology-oriented for advanced divers ONLY, with the minimum recommended experience of 300 dives in Hawaiian or similar waters. Remember that the nearest recompression chamber is a half-day boat ride and a plane flight away. Susceptibility to seasickness is a definite contraindication. Participants should expect the seas to be typically rough, as Five Fathom Pinnacle offers no protection from the trade winds.


The cost is $625, which includes food and refreshments, and three tanks per day. Nitrox is highly recommended and is available at additional cost. Please understand that rigorous participant screening will be done to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, and that modifications to the projected itinerary can happen at any time in the interest of safety.


PM or send me an email , if you are interested in participating in this expedition. I look forward to capturing some great images with you!



- Kent



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