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Light & Motion Bluefin/ Sony A1U complete System!!

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This is a complete Underwater video system, with the SONY A1U HD camera. This camera and housing has the ability to do MANUAL white balancing, which is a huge advantage to good videography underwater.

This system was bought about 3 years ago, with a cost of over $10,000 us. Everything works perfectly, and was recently used on a trip to the philipines in April of 08. The housing was sent to light & motion in 08 to have a complete freshen up. Orings were replaced, housing inpected, lights inspected, the batteries replaced in both the housing arms, as well as the battery replaced in the video monitor.


The camera has approximately 85 hours of use on it, not a whole lot, but there is one disclaimer id like to make about the camera, this camera is a B-stock camera. What that means is that it could have been a demo before I bought it from the store, or it could have been returned for any number of reasons, and sony inspected it and resold it to a retailer. I have had ZERO problems with this camera, but dont want to mislead anyone and thought I should disclose this information about the camera. The photo above shows the sticker showing it as b-stock.


The lighting system is Sunray HID lights, NOT the cheaper Halogens. This is a top of the line system , and the lights have had less than 10 hours on them. I also have a spare battery ($140) that goes with the 2 light batteries.

I also have a larger battery for the camera that goes as well, as well as about 10 brand new , still in box tapes. Also includes everything in the pictures, hard case, etc.


The remote monitor is also a upgrade, and is in perfect shape, no scratches on lcd screen, nor lens of camera or lens of housing.

The housing itself has some small scratches/nicks, but nothing to be concerned about, normal wear and tear that cameras housings get. I tend to list every small imperfection, just so a buyer wont say I never said anything. Ive never had any problems with anything Ive sold on ebay, and want to keep it that way.


Do a search on this camera, its amazing, and think this is a great deal for someone thats wants to get into or is allready into underwater videography. The camera also takes stills underwater.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Im asking 4k and have it on ebay buy it now for 5k, starting at 4k. But if someone on wetpixel wants it, ill sell it for 4k. I think this is a great price....













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I am interested in your system if it is still for sale. I sent you a pm.


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Would you be willing to sell the camera and the housing only?


I shoot with a Z1 in a L&M BF HD housing, and have all the other stuff (HID lights, monitor, pods, etc).


How much for the cam+housing?





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