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SOLD - Gates Video housing system for sale

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Due to lack of time for editing I have for sale the following gear. It has been used on two holidays to great effect but as I am concentrating more on deep Trimix dives, I don't have the time to justify keeping the kit.


It comprises of the following and is 'like new'.


Sony HDR HC1E Camcorder (High def camera shoots High or standard def, widescreen or normal NTSC or PAL)


Gates housing with optional White Balance control switch and camera mounting plate


2 Bouyancy Tubes and collars,


Standard lens port,


WP25 lens port,


2 Underwater Kinetics light canon 100 lights and arms,


Gates external Widescreen colour video monitor,


2 hard cases for all the gear,


Extra large-capacity battery for camcorder as well as the standard battery,


Full Spare set O rings for housing etc,


All instructions Manuals


The cost of the setup was in excess of £7000 - for instance the WP25 port retails at over £850 and the monitor at £2000, whilst the lights retail at £200 each.


I am looking for sensible offers because I want to get rid of the kit - it is wasted having such good stuff sitting doing nothing.

Give me an offer (sensible) you might be surprised :-)

For reference, prices of most of the kit can be found on retail sites.


Note - this kit is obviously quite cumbersome so although willng to post anywhere negotiation may have to take place wrt cost.

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I am interested in this set up would you be able to send me some pics of the set up.




many thanks

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