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I have followed (to best of my ability) the pretty extensive tutorial on this site



As a result I have made big improvements to some pictures by use of LAB mode, which I had never used before.


However as this article was written in 2004, and Photoshop has evolved (considerably) is there any updated or newer article or sequence of steps anyone can advise ?


I will admit to being a happy snapper underwater rather than diving just to take pictures, kit is simple ... a Fuji F31fd, and when possible I use manual white balance to get things as good as I can to start with (not allways in practise though)


I have a good PC and CS3 ... but lack the experience in using them.


Any links to tip or articles appreciated.

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Here's another method and a tutorial I wrote ... works well and is quite easy:




Let me/us know how it goes!


Thanks for this, it looks interesting, I'll give it a go tonight.


My current steps are:


1. Crop image as necessary


2. Levels - adjust individual R,G,B histograms

sometimes setting white & black if appropriste to image


3. Apply Auto Contrast


4. Apply Auto Colour

If this does not work, I undo and try the Underwater .atn script

If this does not work - undo, try and compensate using Colour Curves

If this does not work - recently tried converting to LAB and adjusting curves.


5. Create a new layer, Sharpen using Hi Pass filter, tweaking slider to just below point any colour comes into image, and then use Overlay to apply


6. Check levels again ...





Be interested in your view (anmd anybody else) on my sequence, and will try incorporatin your steps in my sequence.


Most of my images are JPEG, my new camera doe snot have RAW capability.

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Thanks for re-posting your link. When you posted it before, I did not have PS4. Since having it, I had forgotten your article. Now I have it and will try to work with it this weekend.


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