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Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi

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I am selling my baby.


A Ikelite 400D housing + 2 Inon z220 Strobes + sync cord for both strobes to the Ikelite housing (x2).

All you will need is a lens port and arms to hold em all together.



The housing is rated to a depth of 200' (60 m). The auto exposure lock and focus lock are placed where they can be activated with your thumb while taking a picture. Camera installation is quick and simple and the o-ring seal can be checked visually through the clear housing.


The release handle system allows for easy attachment and removal of SubStrobe mounting arms at the touch of a button. Two screws remove the handle and tray assembly for traveling. The housing is sized and weighted for near neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater.


An assortment of interchangeable lens ports allows use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses. The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing secures to the camera eyepiece and offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask.


Note: Requires Lens Port, to match specific lens on SLR camera.













So thats:


1 Ikelite Housing for the Canon 400D / Digital Rebel XTi

2 Inon z220 strobes (includes two pack diffusers)

2 sync cords. (1 for spare)


PRICE €1500


Delivered free anywhere in Ireland.

Outside Ireland postage will be additional.

Payment by Paypal transfer.




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Any chance you would be willing to piece it out? I'm looking for a housing.


Yes I am prepared to sell the items seperate.

(Sending u a PM)

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