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Ultimate Indo trip

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After Spending 40+ days with Eric, Cor and Julie I thought I needed to say thank you to everyone who made this such a great trip. Its hard to figure out where to begin.


I have no background in macro photography and only a loose handle on wide. I have real trouble seeing anything smaller than 4 feet long with lots of teeth and to say the least, I was out of my element. Cor and Julie are fantastic photographers and unbelievable spotters of all things small. Their patience with me when pointing out things and dealing with me stirring up the bottom (they called me desert storm) should result in their nominations for Sainthood. Thanks for all your help and kind words...


Thank you to Frank for being a great roommate, willing to sacrifice three dives so I could get the perfect frogfish shot and for just being you.........


Thanks to Graham Abbott for being the hardest working guide in Indonesia. I cant say enough about how impressed I was with him. Everyday he was up early checking out the dive sites finding critters or habitats, checking currents and water clarity. He was always concerned with trying to find the best sites he could. When it comes to finding critters he is a freak of nature. That man can see things that I could not see until it was up on my computer screen! I think he got a certain amount of pleasure in finding things too small for me to shoot. I'm not saying that he wasted anyone's time, I'm saying that he is that good. Graham has a great sense of humor and was a great sport. Any trips that I take to Indo will definately have him as a guide and to anyone going there I think your doing yourself a disservice by not having him on the trip.


Thanks to the crew of the Seven Seas. They were awesome. Great with the camera gear and I was amazed at how fast they learned who's gear belonged to whom. I was a constant source of broken gear yet the crew was always able to keep me going...


Big thanks to Matt Segal for being our parts mule....


The biggest thanks goes to our fearless leader Eric Cheng. Spending 40+ days on a boat with someone as incompetent as me is enough to send most people over the edge. But what most people don't know is that we were roomies for two months before this trip when we were in Antarctica! He put together an awesome group of people on a great boat. There are so many things that I need to thank him for about this trip that most people will never know about...Thanks man

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