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Complete Seacam Fuji S2 Pro set up inc S2 body& Strobes (just add water)

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A complete Seacam S2 Pro Housing, choice of Port, Fuji S2 Pro Camera Body, Lens, pair of Ikelite S200 Strobes and accessories.


I built this rig from scratch and it has provided hundreds and hundreds of satisfying dives and photo results.


Excellent set up especially for Macro. The S2 Pro has amazing color reproduction (still used by many wedding photographers) 'Velvia' like and supports native TTL so the Ikelite strobes are a perfect match but can be used with any digital or film strobes (plenty of 2nd hand options).


I am looking for a good home for this and not looking to split it into separate items.


Perfect upgrade for those thinking of moving up from 'point and shoot' to a top end SLR set up at less than half price of new, just add water !


The rig can also be viewed at Scubacam in Singapore who will also validate the condition and answer any questions (www.scubacam.com email - info@scubacam.com). David at Scubacam is the S.E. Asia distributor and service agent for Seacam.


Choose the wide angle port (great for fish eye) the Seacam 'Superdome' or I can provide with flat port for less.


The Strobes were serviced by Ikelite in US late in 2008 and haven't been dived since, they come with 4 batteries, 2 chargers and a pelican case.


The housing is in tip top condition and I have all original accessories, manuals, spares etc.


The S2 Pro is in very good conditions and I have original box, manuals, s/w etc.


Kit list:


  1. S2 Housing, inc dual sync sockets, moisture alarm
  2. Superdome or 100mm Flat port instead
  3. 25MM Port extender(?)
  4. Gear Ring for Sigma 10-20mm lens (not included)
  5. ProG viewfinder

  1. 2 x S200 Ikelite strobes
  2. 2 sync cords
  3. 4 batteries
  4. 2 chargers
  5. Scubacam LED modeling light
  6. Pelican case for Strobes

  1. Fuji S2 Body
  2. Nikor 28-105mm Lens
  3. 2 x 1GB CF Cards
  4. 4 x CR32 rechargeable batteries and charger

Include all Seacam spares (boxes and manuals.s/w etc for Fuji S2), manuals etc for all items


Total with Superdome option $6,450


Total with Flat port option $5,450


I would like to use www.escrow.com to receive payment and handle secure transfer of the kit for the lucky buyer.


Shipping included in the price.











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Forgot to mention the prices are Singapore dollars $




Total with Superdome option SGP $6,450 = USD 4470 = Euro 3,200 = GBP 2,800


Total with Flat port option SGP $5,450 = USD 3,750 = Euro 2,700 = GBP 2,400

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