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Mike L

Unpacking Gates Deep Red #1

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Although I was even a bit shocked at the initial price, after spending time with the unit, and paying attention to the extreme detail John and his crew put into it, its amazing its not even more pricey!


"this was a great deal considering everything they put into the design, all the accessories that came with it, and the superior service they offer with it"



Oh My goodness... Calm down Mike... :rolleyes: Have we found the answer to Wagsy and his umbilical love for Amphibico... Has John at Gates spiked Mikes drink with a 'Gates for President of the world' drug... Has Mike found his love and does he actually take this beast to bed... :B):


All that and more in the up coming... 'My company friends are better than yours, nah nah ne nah nah' ... Battle for world domination...


Dive safe


Dean(Its WAYYYYY over priced)B

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