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I have been diving for over 30 years. I wanted to start serious U/W photopgaphy about 1.5 years ago and bought an incredible package for my D-200 from Reef Photo and Video in Florida that cost $7984.28 without the D-200 or Tokina fisheye zoom lens.


I went on 2 dives on the same day in St.John on the wreck of the Rhone and took the most incredible images! Professional caliber!!

On that same dive I devoloped asthma and I am unable to dive at all anymore dispite all medication. [i am a physician and I have tried everything!!.]


I must sell this equipment which is "As New". [2 dives only and it functioned perfectly!].





Light /Motion Titan D-200 housing $3999.00

2 Sea/Sea YS 250 Pro TTL Strobes $995.00 X2= $1990.00

Sea/Sea Nikon Sync. Cords [2 cords] = $187.00

ULCS Strobe arm set [for each Strobe = $233.65

L/M Titan Flat Port

L/M Titan Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 fisheye zoom

L/M Fisheye Dome Port = $300.00

L/M Titan Ext. Ring = $300.00


Fisheye FIX Light Hg 20 DX = $419.00

Fisheye Li-Ion Battery for above = $120.00

Fisheye Replacement Bulb X2 - $70.00

Fisheye Red Filter For above = $50.00

UCLS Clamp for above Focus light = $34.95

UCLS Adapter For Sea/Sea Mounts = $22.95

Pelican Case #1610 with padded dividers and wheels = $253.88


I purchased this on 11/26/07 and only used it on those 2 dives. I am miserable not being able to dive anymore!!

I have all of the original paper work, invoices and instruction books and the Equip. is "PERFECT".


I would like to sell this as a package, I just do not have the time to sell it piece by piece.

I also have the Tokina 10-17 mm. Fisheye Zoom that was only used on those 2 dives which is available but not necessary to sell since I still enjoy land Photography.

Also available is my D-200 which I just got back from Nikon USA , it worked perfectly but I wanted it checked out and made sure it was up to factory Specs. [it was] It has not been used since. [i bought the D-300...not much better than the D-200.]




I am very motivated to sell.


Tom Pallan, M.D. doctp12@aol.com

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