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Nat Geo needs video of ambush predators

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Anisa Abid of NG Television called me to see if I had any footage of bobbitt worms or other ambush predators. Me? Ha! Contact Anisa directly if you have footage you think might be suitable. Her email is aabid@ngs.org


"As I mentioned on the phone, I'm looking for footage of the following marine species using their ambush predator tactics on prey, preferably in high speed and HD. If anyone from your forum might happen to have this I would greatly appreciate if they could contact me as soon as possible (we're on a tight deadline). This would be for inclusion in a program by National Geographic Television on ambush predators.


bobbit worm

northern stargazer

mantis shrimp




Other footage of non-marine species are also being sought after:

bolas spider

crab spider

goliath spider


new zealand glow worm

dragonfly larvae

horned lizard

chameleons (slinging their tongue)



praying mantis


Many thanks!



Anisa Abid

Production Coordinator

National Geographic Television

Tel: (202) 862-8257

Fax: (202) 429-52

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Email sent, thanks for the heads up.



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