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Roatan and Seagrape Resort

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Visited Roatan, Seagrape Plantation Resort in Mid May, 2009.



Houston to Roatan is a short 2-2.5 hr non-stop flight on Continental.

The resort can arrange taxi to/from the airport for the 20 min ride.


Seagrape Plantation Resort

We were in duplex cabins. Adequate space for 2. Clean but certainly not new. The staff was perfect. Housekeepers and ground crew were very friendly, the front desk could answer all questions, resolve issues and recommend places to eat that worked well.

Nice pool with a bridge. The bridge is nice for having shade while in the pool during mid day. Did have black flies on the last day that got one of us (me) for about 20 bites, other than that, no problems with bugs at the resort.


You can walk to a nice breakfast place in 2-3 min, passing flowers with hummingbirds. A tame parrot joins the breakfast some days. He is free to fly away but likes the free food, so it seems.

Walking to town takes 10-15 min. depending on how far into town you want. Plenty of good places to eat, grocery’s available, street sellers for fresh fruit. They would negotiate with my daughter speaking Spanish but not with me, who knows no Spanish. Dining is not spectacular, like most carib. islands but is satisfactory. I would list restaurants but as the owners/chef’s change, so does the best place. Mariela at the Seagrape front desk was wonderful at pointing out inexpensive but good food locations. Most meals were under $60 for 4, not counting alcohol. Local beer seemed good to me and the price was $1.50 to 2.00 per bottle with dinner.


There are a few local deer that wander across the resort and basically ignore people. This allowed some nice photo’s of deer with ocean in the background.


We had a birthday during the visit so we set up a piñata. Housekeepers and other South American guests joined in singing happy birthday and all loved getting some free candy when the piñata was broken open. Made for a wonderful event.


No beach at Seagrape but snorkeling right off shore. The beach in town is a 10 walk and is a nice, wind protected beach.

Considered going to West Bay Beach for a day but did not make it. Had considered staying there originally. On the plane home, talked to those that stayed at West Bay Beach. They were all covered with black fly bites, over 100 per person! So I was glad we did not go there!


If I go back to Roatan, I will likely stay at Seagrape again.



The dive guides were great, Wendall and Tony. This was my 10 yr old granddaughter’s first ocean diving so we wanted extra attention and dive sites that could accommodate a range of divers. Both guides joined us when the granddaughter went out and one was her permanent dive partner, all at no extra cost. She loved it and had a wonderful time. Not bad for diving that costs $25/dive - $35/dive, depending on how many you do, etc.


It was off season and on several dives, it was just me and the dive guide. I let them know the type of formations taht allow better photos with upward directed shots. Also that I enjoy swim through’s and do not mind tight spots. Also that I wanted help finding a scorpionfish during the week. Told them I wanted to try and photo a jawfish with eggs and overall, pics are better with slow moving subjects or small ones. All requests were met perfectly, including finding the scorpion fish. Sadly, the jawfish that had eggs the week or two before did not have them during our visit but did investigate jawfish locations. If you wanted turtles, they could take you places with turtles.


Boat rides were generally under 10 min, except when we went to Mary’s place and they used a larger, nicely equipped boat for that dive.. There is shade on the boat but no wind screen, which did not matter since it did not rain while we were there and the trips were short.


Was allowed to dive my computer, usually having dives that lasted around 80 minutes – starting at 90-70 feet and working back to 30-35 feet. Plenty of life and action at 35 ft, allowing long dives on air. They do not have nitrox but it never mattered with the profiles we dove. The only place I could have used nitrox was Mary’s place.


Visited an elbow that had thousands of fish. Too many, too spread out for great photos with my rig. Schools of blue tangs, parrotfish and one school of large groupers. About a dozen big groupers came through in a line. Found a nice arrow blenny for me but I was not able to get any good photo’s of it.


Not certain what I would have asked to be different. The personalized service was outstanding so the post dive tipping was also above and beyond the norm, which made boat driver and dive guides happier than normal.



The Seagrape at Roatan is a place I can recommend. Roatan will not compete with the exotic locations taken by many at this site but its good Caribbean diving.

Its not a 4 star resort, but its clean and works well for divers that want lots of diving at low cost.



Did not take the time to work with these photo's much, just presenting an idea of the diving we did.






I know this one is noisy but the view was fantastic. I needed my D90 for lower noise. But my checkbook says G9 housing, not D90 housing, so far.




Schools passed by so here is shot of one. The color balance was not corrected, just trying to give a trip report, not a publication.




I hope you all will have compassion on my pics. I would not share them here except it adds to the trip report and gives a feel for the diving.

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Thanks for the report. I enjoyed the rock formations in Roatan a lot. It's one of those locations where, after the first dive, it isn't anything great. Then, the more you dive, the more you see and enjoy it.

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I enjoyed your report and pictures. The "noisy" one is my fav. thanks for posting.

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I lived in Roatan for nearly two years, i started diving there, its given me the best experience of my life, my wife, my daughter, my job, and wonderful memories. The diving certainly is good but cant be compared to the Indo-Pacific, however the people (expats, backpackers, tourists and locals), the nightlife, the restaurants, and the natural beauty of the place make it a very desirable and special destination. I have travelled the world and Roatan will always be my favorite place, however it has changed since i was there and has become more developed and a lot of good people have moved on but I still have loads of friends there and cant wait to go back for a visit.


Not to mention I stayed at seagrapes for the majority of those two years but it has changed a lot as well...

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