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Sony X520v - electronic menu control now possible

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the Sony X520 is a really interesting camcorder because of its low light abilities for divers. There are already housing solutions available with manual control of the touchscreen via knobs. There have been some discussions here and in other forums about the LanC control.

I heard today that John Goerlitz developped an electronic solution to control the complete touchscreen! So, an easy access to all camcorder functions is possible white balance included. Featured housings will come from Aditech and Sealux. The housings are available in the US directly, service included. I think that there will be also optics from Fathom imaging available. From my point of view the best optics on the market. Personally, I own a Sealux housings and Fathom Optics and I am really pleased with it. I will also have the EX1 housing very soon. Hopefully, I will find the time to write an review about it.


Contact information I found on their website under:




The prices look pretty fair regarding the features they offer.


Cheers Uli

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