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Olympus Releases new micro 4/3 E-P1

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DPreview has their full detailed review up. Bottom line, they liked it but perhaps as much out of nostalgia as real performance, with some caveats that probably make it unacceptable for underwater shooting - slow AF, jerky "live view". Still, it'll be interesting to see how the u4/3rds line develops further.


One feature I wasn't aware of that I really like as an idea, at least for above-ground shooting is the vertically oriented cylindrical 'thumbwheel'...but I can't help wonder how the heck you'd actuate that through a housing - with a meshing geartooth cap on an axial rotating shaft coming in through the back face of the housing?



The F810 had similar, and had a solution in the Ikelite housing.


Cant remember what it was though, just a sideways rubberiesed wheel from memory.

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I bought it last month with pancake 17mm 2.8

Lovely little camera, its a realy good addition to my d700,


Ive even sold the D80 cause it will not be used now when i have got the Pen, now ive not used my d700 overwater since i bought the pen


Would love to use it underwater, but a somenone mentioned before Oly will not make a housing for it

lets wait and see meaby Ikelite (but i'm affraid it will be larger than Olys housing)


AF and shutter lag is much better when you turn off is3 mode

noise is fine,

iam shooting d700 in ike but i would like to buy a housing for pen for dives when i do not want to get the big setup with me


and the only concern for underwater usage is how will they make a wheel for vertical wheel


still there is no possibility to open .orf files in Lightroom and using olys Master2 is a real pain :)


but the greatest part of the camera is that it has small DOF and fast shutter response

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