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From analog to Canon 5D Mark II housing

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I'm facing tough decision on my way from old fashioned Seacam EOS 5 (analog...) housing to the new one dedicated to 5D Mark II. At first I wanted to choose the Seacam again to have all the additional equipment for use - ports, flashes etc. But... they changed the mounting of the ports, and the TTL is of course not compatible any more.


So, let me add few questions to those of you who did it long before me:-)


1) Is there any method to use the old Seacam ports with the new Seacam housing? Some adapter? What, where, how much? :-) Does it work?

2) Is it possible to use old strobes with digital camera and have TTL functionality? Some electronic upgrade of the strobes?


Or may be it's much better to give up patching the digital Seacam with some old analog parts and go for something completely new. And if so:


3) What housing for Canon 5D Mark II would you recommend for the diver interested in wrecks and caves?

4) When you switch to filming with Canon 5D Mark II - what housing is the most user-friendly?


Thank you in advance for the answers and comments.



Marcin Jamkowski

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