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I have and use one of these for work. I work in high tech and I'm a bit of a gadget junky, but the device is actually very cool. I had been battling how to take customer notes with me (as a consultant) on the road, for the longest time i used the composition books...but the problem with them is they aren't very convenient when you fill one up. You end up having to either carry multiple around, or not carrying any of your "old" notes for reference.


I then started to type my notes up digitally on my laptop, but then you run into issues with either translating certain things to pure text when a diagram would make it 100 Xs easier...or easily linking thoughts/notes with lines or something similar (suppose a "mind mapper" would work for that?).


The Live Scribe pen is perfect, I have everything on my laptop in a somewhat searchable format. I don't use the audio recording part as much as the translation of paper to screen. I can easily share technical drawings I make with a customer, or other notes just with an export to PDF.


Overall, i'm pretty happy. I use it almost on a daily basis...my only issue so far is if I forget to charge it for a while and it runs dead, and the ink cartridges seem to be a little bit light on ink..so make sure to carry spares with you. If you by their notebooks from their web site directly they usually have deals to get ink refills for free.

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