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Editing 5D Footage With Edius 5.12

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Hi there.

Been toying with the idea of getting a 5D, but first wanted to see how it goes for quick everyday editing and rendering out files for different purposes.

I know most on here use MACS but if you are using a PC and Edius, what are you doing?


Here is how I have been doing it so far with my 17 inch laptop.

Its got twin internal drives so video and rendered out files sit on the second drive.

The raw 5D files play full screen no problems.


Open up a 1920/1080 30p timeline.

Drop the 5D raw clips to the bin then right click on them and convert to the Canopus HQ codec. (About 1.1 speed on my laptop here)

Edit what you need to do and or mix in other HD formats if you want.


Rendering out some QT files.


1280/720 H.264






Apple TV size.



Mobile Phone 3gp



wmv files render straight out and look really great.

Try 1920/1080 or 1280/720 CBR @ 5mbps with high quality setting.


FLASH flv vp6 files render straight out.

Try it at 960/540 @CBR 1500kbps or 480/270 @CBR 700kbps

*note You need FLASH CS3 installed on your system.


Next I will post some stuff about normal DVD and Blu-Ray files.

Some tricky things to get around are:

1: I'm in Pal land and this is 30p footage.?

2. Blu_Ray does not work with 30p footage?


Still find it amazing one can do this on a laptop. :drink:

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Hi Paul,


since I use EDIUS NEO V2 I just have the sam import process like you.

New project with desired fps. Drop all clips in the bin, mark all, right click -> convert to Canopus HQ


For export I mark IN and OUT, press f11, select quicktime, change fileformat to mp4 and go to the extended

settings to configure my h.264 settings.


Works great, even on my Core2Duo CPU!

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Hey Wags, if you haven't got any audio then I have seen guys just slow the footage down to 25fps and it still looks awesome. Obviously you can't do that if you have audio.

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Hi guys.

Yes 30p in no good for us over here in Pal land.

Slowing down the rate indeed will mess with your audio.

There is a little tool that can change the frame rate of the file here that you PC guys can play with.


But audio will be messed up. Try the 25p over crank way


Christian that is the way I have been making the QT files too.


However further testing I came up with this interesting work flow.


Open a 1920/1080 50i timeline and drop the raw 30p 5D files into the bin.

Right click on them and convert to the Canopus HQ codec, ends up being a 1920/1080 25p file.

Drag them to the timeline and start editing.

Output a 720/576 DVD or Blue_Ray file, they seem to look okay and so do any QT ones I render out.


Maybe someone else can try this method on some more moving and panning clips.

The other thing is you can actually output a fully authored DVD or Bly_Ray with chapters straight from the timeline.

Need to try it on a lip synch clip to see if the audio goes out of wack or not....... anyone got one I can play with?

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All right I still have not got one of these wonderful cameras yet but have been messing with raw files with EDIUS here on my laptop.


Some interesting things I have found for us PAL users.


If you use the http://www.dvinfo.net/conf/attachments/can...se-rewriter.zip and convert the 30p files to 25p and place in a 1920/1080 50i or 25p timeline, the timeline just about plays back in real time, its about one or two frames behind. Of course this will put your audio out of sync but no problems if you are adding music to it anyhow. You can scrub it no problems and if you slow the clip to say 75% it will play back real time. My laptop just needs a little bit more grunt.


Playing back the raw 30p and 25p with quicktime or VLC player at full screen, I cannot see any quality difference.


So convert them to the Canopus HQ codec and away you go real time where you can add colour correction titles and slow mo.

Getting screen grabs are really easy too, one click of a button and you have a perfect 1.1 psd image.

5.8 megs psd example here.



Mixing it with normal footage works but the quality of the 5D stands out just too much, have to dumb it down abit me thinks.....

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