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Full Subal / Nikon D70 outfit

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This is a full and complete set-up to buy today and dive tomorrow. Housing, camera body, lens, strobe, and all accessories. All of the kit is in full working order and in great condition. The outfit includes:


Nikon D70 body, battery, charger, and memory card


Subal ND70 housing - NEVER flooded. All seals and O-rings in perfect shape


Subal FE2 8" dome port and neoprene cover. No scratches


Nikon 10.5MM DX fisheye lens - THE best wide angle DX lens. I am also including a set of Magic Filters that allow you to shoot this lens without a strobe (great results actually)


I am not including the Nikon 18-70 DX lens or the 12-24 lens, but I AM including all of the port extensions, zoom gears, and diopters you need to shoot these lenses should you choose to expand your kit


Nikon SB800 strobe (nikon's most powerful) and the Subal housing to match. Shoot true Nikon TTL, not someone's aftermarket attempt to mimic it. All of the arms and cables to mount the strobe are included


Hartenberger Mini Compact dive light. The best money can buy. I run it as a spotting light on the housing for night dives or to ensure perfect focus in low-light conditions. Mounting hardware included.


Retracting lanyard to attach the camera to your BC. Don't want this baby sinking to the bottom of the ocean!


All of this comes packed and shipped in a Pelican 1510 rolling case. It is sized to carry on, but is rugged enough to check in the belly of the plane. I've done both.


Yes the Nikon D70 is 6 years old, but remember, this is THE breakthrough digital SLR that revolutionized digital photography. Everything else since then is just evolutionary improvements on this classic. It continues to take beautiful, vibrant images. Also consider that by shooting this complete set up, you are protected if your housing, god forbid, does flood - You've not trashed your primary camera, and a replacement D70/D70S body can be bought on Ebay for $100. This is actually a great way to shoot underwater. Get a killer deal on older, but still great equipment and keep your new $2,000 D700 safe and dry on land.


I've been doing some research on where to price this. If you were to set out and by a similarly complete setup new (on a D90 perhaps) you'd pay more than $8,000. I saw a similar D200 set-up (though not containing any lenses) listed for $5,500. (I own a D200 body, it's really no better in image quality than my D70. I still shoot my D70 regularly)


For personal reasons, I want to move this quickly. So to do this, I am pricing the full set-up for an amazing $3,500. This is a killer deal and gets you underwater and shooting immediately. Serious inquiries may contact me at brad.peacock1@gmail.com

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