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I know most of you take / talk about making digital underwater pictures and some of you use videolight. Maybe somebody also makes video and can tell me about the light you use.


I use 2 Greenforce II, 50 Watt, 60 degrees as you can see here.


The problem I get with this setup is backscatter, seem logic because of the location from the lights. Making a construction to put them higher is not easy because of the weight, there is no separated batterypack. 1 lamp is not enough, not because the power but bacause the angle (60 degrees max.).


Who can advise me? I was thinking about a video pro lite II. Maybe with 2 heads if necessary. Why this one? Because we all now about the great Ikelite services and construction but also because I don't know any other product or heard any experience.


I hope some one can help me with his experience or some links.


Gr. Mike.

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