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Ikelite DS200+Ikelite iTTL Adapter+ Nikon D300

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Hi there :wacko:


An enginier told me that the if the D300 first medition from the preflash its ok then the TTL works perfect, but if the TTL medition from the D300 its not ok then the camera make a second preflash and the DS200 its not enough fast to read it and then the TTL fails and block the strobes or make then work crazy


I havent had any problems with Ikelite strobes i have used (DS50) before. I think is the combination with the D300 that make preflashes much more quicky than DS200 can aford.


Im having some problems with this combinations and strobes fired right and then sudenly just one work or begun to fire out of control or dont fire anymore....?????


Im waiting for an answer from Ikelite and Backscatter (both are being very efficients trying to fix my problems, so not any complaint by now. They both have done allways really fine ) but i was wondering if someone more is having similar problems.



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