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mega macro on fuji f30

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;) Hi Again Devilgas! :)

love your DIY sight...very inspiring!!!

Tourght I'd shate this little pice og info:

Found the perfect AD component for the FujiF30/31 UW-Housing in a Hardwear Store( app 1.6£ )...

it's a 5cm diameter plastic "plug" ment for drain pips ore something! It fits perfectly over the linse.

Ive made both a 46mm, a 37mm and a INON AD with this littlie gem..

I'm currently using it for a INON AD with a Ringflash(a la the one posted elswhere here)...

It's still in the building/experimenting mode but a muck up test has so fare proven it works OK!

next project is a Subsea macro AD!

I'll se if I can find the part and post it with pic and a link..

Have fun and keep up the good work...


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