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Tonga Fluke ID Catalogue

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I am compiling a new Fluke Identification catalogue for the South Pacific Whales that come through Tonga, this will be available on line at the end of this year.


Some of you have been to Tonga and Vava'u and I am asking if anyone has some fluke identifications if they would like to pass these on to me to enter in to the catalogue.


A fluke identification needs to be a sharp and focused shot of the underside of the fluke or tail. The fluke should be out of the water so all markings can be taken into consideration.


Please if you would like to send any to me, put your name on the photo and also supply the date that you took the shot.


If anyone is interested you can either PM me or email me at info@divevavau.com.


We will also be compiling some statistics of the season, in comparison to other seasons and again this will be available later on line.


Many thanks



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