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For Sale: Ikelite housing for Canon 40D incl. 2 strobes, cords, case, etc.

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Hi, fellow divers.


This equipment has been used on only one dive trip. Everything works fine, it’s just much more stuff than I think I want to take along on future dive trips. The whole set basically adds one more 40-pound suitcase (included) to your check-in luggage. If you want to be an underwater photographer at a bargain price, here’s your chance.


I’m selling it as a complete package at HALF of what it cost me. The set includes spare parts kit, strobe cords, strobe charger, and an extremely sturdy padded waterproof Storm Case. It’s all you need for shooting wide-angle, normal, and macro stills underwater. Add your own camera and lenses and you’re good to go.


This housing was designed for the Canon 40D. I shot it with a 100 mm macro lens in the flat port, and a 17-40 mm wide-angle lens behind the dome port.


Note: I’m not going to sell individual pieces since that would break up the set. However, at this price, you can still make money by putting any unwanted bits up for sale separately.


Here’s what the set includes, and what the various components cost me (for a total of $4,102) about a year ago. It's yours for $2,050 plus insured shipping. UPS ground shipping will cost about $75 if you live on the East Coast.


Ikelite 40D SLR housing 6870.40, $1225

Ikelite DS-125 Substrobe 4065, $670

Ikelite DS-51 Substrobe 4044.1, $340

Ikelite dual cord 4103.52, $152

Ikelite extended zoom port body 5510.24, $150

Ikelite flat port 5505.5, $110

Ikelite modular dome port 5510.45, $400

Ikelite single cord 4103.51, $90

Ikelite Smart Charger 4066.1, $90

Ikelite spare parts kit, $67

Ultralight Control Systems arm and clamp set including spotting light holder, $606

Hardigg Storm Case IM2720 w/ dividers, $202


Feel free to write for details: glewbel (insert the "at" symbol) yahoo.com

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if you'll sell separately, I would buy the dome 5510.45 (shipping to Italy, advance payment of course).






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Would you be willing to sell the Ikelite DS-125 Substrobe and single cord separately?





Hi, Kevin (and Giorgio).


At this point, I'm still hoping to sell the whole thing as a package for some lucky Canon 40D shooter, but if I don't get any action that way, I'll certainly consider selling off the individual pieces in a few weeks. As a set, it all fits together perfectly without any fiddling around, and I've already customized the StormCase to hold all the parts perfectly. I'm hoping that it will appeal (especially at half price) to someone with the right camera body and lenses. If that doesn't happen, I'll close the post for the set, and put up the pieces, probably for a bit higher price (say, 60% of retail) since there's much more shipping hassle to send out individual parcels than sending the StormCase with everything in it, fully loaded.


Thanks for your patience -- George

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Hi, guys.


The complete setup was just sold to another marine biologist.


Cheers -- George


Pm sent

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