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Sony CX12E Jump Settings for Blue Water

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Hi All,


I have a Sony CX12E and L & M Stingray+ housing with Sunray 600 lights.


This is a very recent purchase and my first real video setup (previous video was done using an Olympus MJU740). Anyway, I used the unit for the first time in Malaysia and got very mixed results - most of it was rubbish due to the auto focus hunting. I've since had a look online for how to setup video's for underwater and found the following article....




All of this makes sense but I can't find some of the options on my CX12E...


* Manual Gain

* Shutter Speed


I've looked in the manual but no joy there. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!


Also, what sort of video quality can I expect with this setup - what's my benchmark?? I watched the video clip in this thread and was blown away - could my setup capture a similar scene?




Thanks - Dave.

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