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Ikelite dome for 28-80mm

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I realize a similar post was made recently but it didn't really answer my needs.


I have a 40D with Ike housing and a 60mm macro lens. I had planned on getting a Tokina for WA, but recently I stumbled onto the 28-80mm that came with my film Rebel years ago and has never been used, so I think I'd like to shoot it for a while before I get any fancier. According to the chart I have a choice between a 6" or 8" dome. Over/under isn't important, but I am going to be staying in Okinawa for a few months so portability is desirable -- although not overriding if I am going to have buyer's remorse later. Someday I do plan on getting that Tokina or something similar.


Any insights would be welcome.





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