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Updated Fuji S2 Pro RAW EX Convertor

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I haven't seen mention of this yet so here you go.


For you S2Pro owners the new version of Fuji's RAW EX Convertor software was released recently for both the PC and the MAC.


Version 2.0 has some major upgrades including:


- A nicer looking interface (including a histogram function)

- 1/6 EV increments

- Better batch conversion functions

- Better previews of changes

- An EXIF Extractor


You can get the update from www.s2prosoftware.com.


I am putting it through its paces over the next couple of days, but from my very first impressions it is a very obvious improvement over the original version. There are still some improvements are needed but it is a big step in the right direction for Fuji.



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I very much agree with Paul's assessment that the 2.0 EX converter is a big improvement over the original. The interface could still be much improved.


One thing in particular I'd like to see would be better linkage between the gray picker and manual color temperature and color settings. As it stands, these are separate modules. If you use the gray picker, you can't fine-tune color temperature up or down. The gray picker seems to be able to come up with color temperature settings that are not accessible on the manual controls.


You can zoom in the preview window of the converter, which I don't think was possible before.


Being able to adjust ISO sensitivity in 1/6 stop steps is also a big improvement.


The EXIF extractor is particularly useful for editing, as the preview windows for RAW files aren't really big enough. Before, you had to convert the RAW files to TIFF before you could get a better look at the image.


I haven't used any other converters except EX 1.0 and LE, so can't comment on the quality of conversions relative to other programs, except to say that the EX 2.0 files look very good.

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