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Fantasea Remora Strobe

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I have a Fuji F31fd + housing, and have just purchased the Remora Strobe for this, set up with Optical cable link for synchronization.

Now have set up the pre-flash setting no problem …. But wonder if anyone out there has experience of using the flash ?


Couple of Q’s come to mind …


# assume I leave the diffuser permanently in place – how do I know what setting to dial in for strobe power 1—100%


# aligned to this does the camera automatically adjust the exposure dependant on % of strobe power applied ? (in conjunction with ambient light)


# any particular ‘mode’ best to use on camera … tend to use the onboard Underwater mode, although without flash I have often used manual, set to -1ev and manual white balance, although would seem superfluous with a strobe.


# don't yet have the LED focus light - is this worthwhile?


Keen to have any tips.

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You determine the pre-flash setting by taking a photo of the strobe, I think it might be #2, can't remember. I took the diffuser off, and taped over the inside of the housing with black tape except for an area fort he f/o cord to attach to.


No, you will need to adjust exposure manually, either iwhtt he strobe or cacmera, thus I'd use it on manual or one of the priority modes.


A focus light is generally a good idea. It allows the camera to lock focus and for you to see to frame faster.


Please see my blog article on using the F200 with this strobe.


Test Dive: Fuji F200EXR & Remora strobes



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