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No, it only goes up about 2mm. Meaning, it's still about at least an inch (the entire height of the flash) from going up.


Sorry! :)


But it doesn't need to go up the entire height to flash to be able to fire. I measured it and it needs about 7 mm, which looks like it is almost there in the picture (but is hard to judge by the photo..). The height of the flash fully up is about 2 inches. If you pop up the flash you can also see a small button on the back corner under the flash on the side of the on/off switch. This is what controls whether the flash is able to fire or not (when this is pressed down it is not able to). Perhaps it is possible to alter the height of this little button so the flash is able to fire with the flash opened up to the extent possible in the picture..... I might try when i get my housing but i don't want to ruin the flash of my camera... Or do you think the light emitted by the flash of this partially opened flash would not be strong enough to trigger a strobe?

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