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Broken electronics Ikelite D70

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I got an old Nikon D70 with a Ikelite housing and a single DS125 strobe. It seems like the electronics inside the housing controling the TTL is broken. The LEDs on the backside is'nt working and I can't get the strobe to fire when I have it(the strobe) set to TTL.


However if I disconnect the strobe and manually short the two appropriate pins I can get it to fire both when set to manual and to TTL, I have also checked the cable and it's OK. When I connect everything together except for the camera I can get the strobe to fire by shorting the two appropriate pins at the camera connector but only when I have it set to manual, not when set to TTL.


I am now considering to sell the equipment and I think it would be much easier to get sold and I could also get some more cash out of it if I could fix this, however since i am corrently unemployed I am not very keen on sending it back to Ikelite except if it's really needed.



Edvin Mellergård

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