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SUBAL ND70 Outfit for sale.

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This is a great underwater set-up with everything but the lenses. Includes SubalND70 Housing, 2 camera bodies, strobe, and all accessories and pelican case. The kit is in full working order and in GREAT condition. The outfit includes:


2 Nikon D70 bodies, 3 batteries, 2 chargers and a 2GB card.


Subal ND70 housing - NEVER FLOODED-Only been used on 76 dives. All seals and O-rings + zoom gear and in very good shape (Paid) 2560.00 / Subal Front Port Cap (Paid) 14.00 / Subal Rear Port Cap (Paid) 14.00 / Subal DP-SWB/3 dome port w-cover (paid) 715.00 / Subal EXR-50/3, 50mm-Type3 extension ring. (Paid) 170.00 / Subal FP-90 Flat Port for 60mm (Paid) 205.00 / Sea & Sea YS-90 Auto Flash (Paid) 575.00 / Sea & Sea Synch Cord for Nikon (Paid) 110.00 / Ultralight 5" arm w/ss end (paid) 52.95 / Ultralight 5" double Ball Arm (paid) 47.95 / Ultralight Fisheye style clamp (paid) 29.95 Plus, I'm including a Mini Compact LED dive light. I run it as a spotting light on the housing for night dives or to ensure perfect focus in low-light conditions. Mounting hardware included. All packed up in a rugged Pelican Case 1514 w padded dividers (paid) 179.99


I originally purchased the equipment from Underwater Photo-tech in Derry, NH Who is also teamed up with Backscatter out of Monterey , CA. I have all the original receipts accept for the Dome Port. The above companies do service all the equipment mentioned. I also have the original manuals.


The Nikon D70 was THE breakthrough digital SLR that revolutionized digital photography and is a very compact set up when combined with this housing. Everything else since then is just evolutionary improvements on this classic. It continues to take beautiful, vibrant images. Also consider that by shooting this complete set up, you are protected if your housing, heaven forbid, should flood. You've not trashed your primary camera, and I include a replacement D70 body JUST INCASE!. So get a killer deal on older, but still great equipment and keep your newer camera safe and dry. The total I paid for the setup was $4673.00. looking for $1700 or best offer plus shipping. I only accept pay pal or Bankers Check and will ship after payment.



Why am I selling this killer outfit?



I originally bought this camera with the intention of keeping it for many years but have since been married and have a new son so my time for diving and photography is not what it used to be and I hate seeing this great equipment just sit around. It was last used in August 2009 and performed flawlessly.


Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!



Contact me at: hank_champion@yahoo.com

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