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Don Silcock

Nikon Creative Lighting System - CLS

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I had posted some of this earlier in my "SB900" post, but thought I would repost with a clearer title (I could not work out how to change the title....) as I believe it's a significant topic and I will be in South Lombok next week doing some more testing with the SB900 & Patima housing.


The earlier post is below and you can either read the full article in the latest edition of UWP or at my site which has larger examples of the test images - http://www.indopacificimages.com/pages/pag...ue/03_ittl.html


I'll update this post with my results in Lombok - hopefully each evening if I have internet access....




Original Post:


I got to try out the SB900 in the Patima housing with my D300 while I was at Tufi in November for a couple of weeks and was very impressed with the capabilities of the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) underwater, as it allows some key creative functionality that I personally could never achieve using "traditional" strobes such as the Inon 240's I currently use & the Ikelite DS200's previously...


I have written the whole thing up as an article for the next issue of Underwater Photography magazine and posted the full text & all the test images on my site:




The Readers Digest version is the ability to use FV Lock & lock in the right exposure for a specfic area of the image, plus the way the SB900 can be set for different "illumination patterns" with center weighted, being the exact things I was looking for - so I am very pleased with my decision to try the SB900 underwater.


The nudi image below show the FV Lock functionality - I took the reading on the white patches:




The scorpion fish show the center weighted illumination pattern:




In summary, I really think the SB900 can help me to create the kind of macro images I have personally never managed to do using traditional strobes. The downside is that you cannot use a normal slave to minimize shadows, but as I explain in the article this is manageable using the "Roger Steene" approach or I you could always go for a second SB900 on manual as described by Jean (jtresfon) in an earlier post.


The other downsides are cost & size....


I am currently in Bali and will be doing a week's diving in Southy Lombok early in January, so I'll be posting some additional images from there next month.


Merry Xmas...





Don Silcock

Underwater Site: www.indopacificimages.com/

Travel Site: www.nomadicpixel.com/

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