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Spotted Eel

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Technical first: the sand in the foreground is well exposed, the eel seems to be under-exposed a bit. The focus seems to be somewhere around the gills (image center). The images looks as if taken with a P&S camera with built-in flash. If not, try to have an eye on how you direct the light.


Impressions second: focusing on the eye would have been better. You'll get the feeling that the moray is looking at YOU. Facing the head a bit mroe straight could add to this too.

The eel looks a bit bored, even shy. They do funny faces sometimes, if they start to explore who's out there. Take your time. Talk to them. Sometimes they start exploring, somtimes they just disappear into their hole. A feeling of, let's say tension, movement, awareness, would enhance the image.


Don't be disappointed by my comments. I wouldn't have dared to present one of my first UW-pics here in this forum.


Helge ;-)=)

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