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Looking for web-savvy Wetpixel staff member

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Hello, community!


Wetpixel is looking for a new staff member to post news on the front page and to handle incoming support requests. This will be a paid position (hourly), and will require from 1-5 hours a week. An ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

  • Web / CMS savvy: you will need to be very familiar with online content management systems like Wordpress. You know how to use a computer and can figure out any program quickly. Ideally, you live, breathe and understand social networks.
  • Underwater photographer: you need to be at least a hobbiest underwater photographer and be familiar with the brands and players in underwater photography
  • Addicted to Wetpixel: you need to be someone who likes to spend time here on Wetpixel
  • Around: you need to be available most of the time (i.e. you don't go missing for weeks at a time)

Those of you who have been around here at Wetpixel will recognize this position as the one young Matt Segal held while he was at university. We aren't exactly replacing Matt, but now that he has moved on to full-time work, we are in dire need of more help.


If you're interested, please send me a note / informal resume via email at http://wetpixel.com/contacteric


Thank you!

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