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For sale or trade - Fuji E900 9megapixels + Ikelite Housing + handles + Loads of extras

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Fuji E900 + Ikelite Housing + handles + Loads of extras


Extras include:

2GB(in Camera) + 1 GB + 2 16mMB + 128mb XD memory cards for camera

Mini Tripod(with box) + Large light Adjustable Tripod(40inches) with Carry Bag

Fuji 2x rechargeable AA batteries(in Camera)

Lens Adapter

Macro Lens x2

Telephoto lens x2

Lens filters

4x Battery charger with power supply + one for car use

Usb for Camera

Manual + installation CD

AV connector for camera

Carrying case for Photo equipment and camera


Ikelite Housing for Fuji E900 + Handle good up to 60 meters below

Lifetime warranty

All extra parts including O rings and any bits that are changeable

Also comes with snorkel case good for all cameras that fit for up to 18 meters below


when i bought them i spent a bit more than 1000 quid, i have been told they are worth about 300-350quid from 2nd hand camera shops.. I attached a photo to show they are not scratched and all in perfect working order some even with boxes, i have a bit of an OCD for taking care of things hehe... Am also willing to trade if you can offer anything i may need.... I have 2 other cameras(canon SD880Is and Canon SX1 IS) if perhaps you have some parts or accessories of them to trade.


Matt :)


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